Homescapes Hack Site Without Human Verification[999.000 coins]

Hi there, So you are digging to find ways to get coins and star in the  Homescapes game right? I guess you are having difficulty at a new stage. I have also been in that situation so today if you need I can hook you up with Homescapes Hack Site Without Human Verification. Keep reading and I promise that after you leave this site you will also get what you want.


Firstly I will briefly describe this tool then would be the manual for you to do it easily.

What is Homescapes Hack Site Without Human Verification iOS-Android:

Usually, when I want to hack a mobile game then I would be looking for things like mod apk, cheat codes, hack codes, app cheats or even promo codes but those kinds of tools does not work at all. But fortunately, I have a friend who is a professional programmer and I asked him and his team to make for me a tool that can hack the Homescapes game (He told me that that kind of job was too simple for his team^^).

Homescapes Hack Site Feature:

Create unlimited lives, stars, and coins

This is definitely the feature we want the most :). You may think this is unbelievable but after all, that’s just the numbers on the screen so…With the endless source of star, life and coin you can now do whatever you want in the Homescapes game.

Working 100% on iOS,  Android, Window Phone, Computer

This cheats tool has been tested on many different devices and operating systems and it always works perfectly no matter if you play on iOS, Android, Window PC, Mac or even Simulator. It is running on the cloud platform and you do not need to jailbreak or root your phone to do that.

Absolute safe for the user

If you are worried about being detected or locked for hacking purposes I guarantee that your Homescapes account is definitely safe. In fact, I, my friends and hundreds of other people use it every day that no one encounters any problem.

Totally free

Yes, This online generator is completely free to use. You just need to download two free apps to keep the tool up to date, Remember that you DON’T need to spend a penny to get your resource.

No Human Verification

Absolutely no human confirmation, no survey, no download. Just support the development team keep updating the tool by downloading two free apps That is the respect for them.

How to use Homescapes Hack Site:

Read through the simple guide or watch the basic video tutorial below and you will be able to do it in 2 minutes.

Video Tutorial

Click Here To Get Your Homescapes Coins And Stars

Homescapes Hack Site Without Human Verification iOS-Android
 Click button above to get infinite Coins and Stars 

Manual instruction

1.Visit the Homescapes hack site by clicking the button above.

2.You see the email/username box? Fill that box with your Homescapes player account ( If you use Android then that is the account name linked to your Google account if IOs that is your Apple ID and if you playing on facebook that is your facebook username).

3.Drag the slider to a number of coins and stars you want. 9.999.999 at most. That number is more than enough for you to play nonstop:)

4.Click generate button and wait for tool making process in minutes.

5.After the process is completed you will see the verify button. Click that and you will be redirected to the app download page.

6.Select 2 apps that you like and download it then open it for at least 30 seconds for each( All the applications you see are completely free).

7.Done and congrats! now enjoy your new amount of  Homescape unlimited stars, lives and coins.

Have fun with Homescapes Hack Site!

Click Here To Get Your Homescapes Coins And Stars

Homescapes Hack Site Without Human Verification iOS-Android
 Click button above to get infinite Coins and Stars 
homescapes hack site without human verification

Homescapes Tips and Tricks Guide:

If you do not like to use the hack cheats or exploit the glitch in the Homescapes game to profit. You could use a few tips and tricks below to make the Homescapes game not too hard to play.

_Chat with your friends who play Homescapes as well:” Let’s create a house with a cozy atmosphere”.

_Use the number of coins and stars you have received from the Homescapes hack site or spend some real money to buy some booster items.

_Do not swap an 4 line power-up. Do it with two and you will break the three vertical and horizontal at the same time.

_If you want to launch the Power Up rocket, just shifted with the adjacent piece.

_To beat a certain level, you need to create a few bombs and tap it to enable that Bomb power-up feature.

_Paper plane will help you to automatically fly to your next target and to do that you need to activate it first. After you coordinate the four arrays in a rectangle you get the paper plane and double tap on it.

_When you change the Rainbow Ball power-up with the blue piece in the field then all the other color will be deleted and that is how you get it.

_The Homescapes game with real life as the same that with money you can buy almost everything, You can change a new bed, couch, wardrobe or whatever you want with the Homescapes hack site.

_You probably already know that you will earn 1000 coins every day that you complete the game. You can enjoy the game with that or use the Homescapes hack site. That’s your choice.

Some information about the Homescapes game:

The Homescapes game is a game from the Playrix publisher. That is also the publisher of the Gardenscapes, TownShip and Fishdom games. In the game, you will transform into a butler named Austin. Your job is to manage and take care of the mansion. Actually, I feel this game is quite similar to its predecessor that is the Gardenscapes.

There is a term is “level-based match-3 game” Used to describe this game. It has a small difference compared to other “level-based match-3 game” games, that is you can only play on a single stage until you finish it. The common point between this game and the other games is that you always need to have a resource to buy things in the game. That is why you need to use the Homescapes hack site. You can also earn the stars, coins in the daily activities of the game. But the only way that is using Homescapes hack site you can be able to do anything you want.

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